A Drop of Design

The nail that sticks out has a vista 40 cm higher
  • JUN 2017
  • Luchta Challenge 2017 “A drop of design that can change the city” (Japanese) | HONORABLE MENTION

The nail that sticks out has a vista 40 cm higher.

When the perspective changes, people change. When the people change, the city changes.
This is a design of a bulge—40cm high (standard deviation of height*2 + average face size) and 5m in diameter—in a place with a hustle and bustle that would bring you to a standstill.
Those who walk over it would see a view one head above the crowd.
The experience of looking across the crowd would be embedded in their daily lives, freeing them from their buried self.

This graphic design was developed as a response to the Luchta Challenge 2017 hosted by Luchta, a Japanese web portal for architecture students. The competition required participants to present a “drop of design” that can change the city, with minimal deliverables—a single square image, a 140-character concept (in Japanese), and a title. The site of design could be anywhere, the object of design could be anything (e.g., architecture, furniture, art), but the smaller the design, the more preferred. Participants were expected to present how the “drop of design” could affect the city and its people, and convey the expectation that something can be designed to change.